52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 16 – NEW TAPE BRAND??? And My New Fave Tape Size!

| October 18, 2014 | 19 Comments

Published on Oct 18, 2014

Ready to Experiment with me?! Let’s give this new #1 ranked Proflex II tape a try! Is it better than No Shine?! Would LOVE to hear what you think!

Proflex II ROLL: 1/4″ x 6 Yards Double Sided Tape:
Proflex II ROLL: 1/3″ x 6 Yards (MY NEW FAVE SIZE):

1/3″ x 6 Yards (NEW FAVE):
3/8″ x 6 Yards (OLD FAVE):

WEFT RELEASE: http://52weeksofbeauty.com/shop/page/2/
or on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Walker-Release-Purple-Trigger-Spray/dp/B00INJB0TK/ref=sr_1_3?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1407118071&sr=1-3&keywords=weft+release

Please message me with any questions!
🙂 ~Christy

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  1. 52weeksofbeauty says:
    • Lyssa says:


      I have been watching abd following your tutorials for about a year. I am very diligent with my hair and I had long hair to begin with . I recall emailing you to thank you for the amazing info. Unfortunately, I have to comment on this. I am an honest person and have nothing to gain by leaving this comment. Like you, I’m just sharing information. I used tape ins for about 6 months ( used and bought my products from you ) except my Indi Remy hair . I was SUPER happy with the fullness the tape ins added .I would only leave them in through 2-3 washing and then do a fresh install . The reason I used tape ins after the first 2 months was to hide the damage they caused. Christy , my hair was about 5 inches past my shoulders when I started . After removing my tape ins ( using the weft release I bought from you ) I noticed my hair looked thinner. I assumed after a few washings it would look normal again. I went ahead and installed a new set only using small pieces – placing them diligently and taking great care of them.

      Keep in mind, I have always said ANYTIME you add weight to your hair – there will be some damage. However – The damage that the tape did is unbelievable . I lost about 5-6 inches of hair because the tape ins thinned out my natural hair so badly I had no choice but to cut it. I kept a photo diary of my before and after. I know you are trying to be helpful., and your videos ( especially the one where you show your hair without extensions – you mention that your hair has no damage . Your hair is baby fine .., and perhaps you don’t see it- but your hair was very thinned out. I know you run a business – and I know you are a good person. I ranted and raved about your tutorials . I didn’t know how badly my own hair would suffer.

      When I saw my hair I broke down in tears. It was so damaged and so thinned out -I contemplated buying a wig . My hair is far from recovered and at 46 I’m not sure it will ever recover. I did continue to wear them for about 6 weeks until I could figure out what I could do. I didn’t want to be seen .My hair was beautiful.., it was long and had a natural beachy wave-when I wore it straight it was silky – all I wanted was a little more length and some fullness. I hate to say this- but tape ins DO damage your hair. And please don’t say I must have done something wrong- or didn’t take care of them / remove them properly – because its simply not the case. I LOVE hair and lashes … I was known for my hair and love of hair products. Pictures speak louder than words . I have my before pics and my after . I think if you saw them you would understand why I felt the need to warn others. The tape ins may work for you- and others with very thin hair – or perhaps the damage to your own hair is worth the trade off. My hair didn’t grow properly either . After 6-7 months of wearing them ( even giving my hair breaks for a few days at a time ).. I had to stop completely . I have 400.00 worth of beautiful unused Remy Indi Hair ( top quality ) 4 bottles of weft release and 7-8 packets of unused Walker Tape. I think in the beginning your readers see how easy it is ( like I did ) and I went nuts on supplies because I believed these to be safe. I didn’t know that I’d end up with so much breakage and loss of length . I think your readers should know the risks. Even when you are starting out with long healthy hair ( like I was ) using tape ins will cause significant damage . If you want to see my pictures- let me know. – I can post a video if you like. I’d be curious to see how long your hair is – if it’s healthier than it was in your first video. I think due to the fact that a lot of young girls and women my age find your tutorials easy and fun-it’s up to you to list the possible damaging effects. I know you are trying to sell Flirty Girl – and promote your products, but at what cost?

  2. Delphine Benkowski says:

    sounds like a great idea to all chat in one place.

  3. idunnonicole says:

    Why dont you just create a group in facebook?

  4. Paige Livingston says:

    Can u do a vlog channel btw love u

  5. Elena Skreka says:

    Does Proflex tape comes in 12 yards?

  6. Valerie Cucinotta says:

    What about something like that hairextensions101 forum? Not sure if it’s still active though.

  7. gingersnaps52 says:

    OMG love your videos. Not every body can afford to go to a hair salon and have extensions put in and to have a guru on here that takes the time to really try and experiment and then tell the world what you think is the best is awesome. Keep up the good work. I am new to your site, but, do you also have videos that I need to watch that show what actual hair extensions you recommend? I have already gone on the Walker site for the tapes, but, I am new to what brand of hair extension to buy. Thank You….

  8. MsStormkitty says:

    I prefer the 3/4ths inch, I have only used the no-shine but I would be willing to try the Proflex II tape a try with you.

  9. julie stebbins says:

    Hey Christy I ordered $150 worth of hair extensions from you back in mid September and never received them. I have tried to contact you by email and phone but both don’t work. I need some answers!

  10. Chia Moua says:

    you should totally start a blog! you’re super fun and informative

  11. Jessica P says:

    How do u keep the extensions feeling like new? An what type of products do you use to maintain the moisture in the hair?

  12. Melissa Burley says:

    I would like to order your Ms. Flirty Hair Extension, in a couple of weeks. However, about 6 months ago, I was trying to figure out where to go and how to buy, as well as color matching. I didn’t have any luck. I can’t really remember why, but just know I tried to look it up to see of you have a two tone blonde/dark blonde or even blonde/light brown, or even jsut look at what blondes you do have and I’m not able to get to your site. I was able to find them in black and continued to add to cart to see if it would give me a color choice and it didn’t so I am at a loss of what to do, and what I am doing wrong. :/. I absolutely love and have worn the Euronext 18 in Blonde Frost, which only could have gotten better if they came in at 22 inches, but they are discontinuing my color 🙁 to say the least. I have heard good things about yours so I’d like to look into them for my next purchase 🙂 Help?

  13. Suzette Webber says:

    Hi Christy, love the idea of smaller tape, especially if it isn’t itchy, I had noticed that, but it’s hot and wet(humid) in Michigan, so I guess that’s a double whammy! I’ve been wearing the clip ins, but ready to change them back to tape in. You’re looking great!!

  14. Debbie H says:

    I think a blog or a forum would be great! There just isn’t anywhere out there to talk about tape extensions and ask questions. Right now I have mine done by a professional, but it’s expensive so I know I am going to have to DIY it so I follow you so closely and watch all your videons.FaceBook is good, but what if you want to be more anonymous about your hair extensions? All your FB friends will know. 🙂

  15. Sabrina Martin says:

    are you going to do anymore hair extension videos? how to style them? or anything on hair extensions?

  16. Melissa Ramlow says:

    I can not find the color chart for your new extensions, please help… I AM DYING TO TRY THEM!

  17. AllThingsMeganRohr says:

    Hey girl I just put my hair extensions in with the pro flex 2 in today! I’ll let you know how it goes

  18. Chachi Young says:

    Make an fb group about hair extensions because it’s easier to access because more people have fb account than blog

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