52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 2 – 50 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!

| January 11, 2014 | 8 Comments

Published on Jan 11, 2014

♥52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 2 – 50 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!♥

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  1. Lori Duncan says:

    Fun! Thanks for sharing! And your mom is awesome ☺️

  2. emdelity says:

    Ha!! I’ve totally licked the seasoning off chips before!

  3. 13MsLeo says:

    The chip idea is great for dieting. I crave salt like crazy, too, so that would help…

  4. Jessica Goode says:

    Hi, very funny and entertaining. I love watching your videos. Would love to know how your going on your bee pollen diet tablets? Would love to see more of these videos maybe with your favourite exercises are and food you love to cook or eat and how you look after yourself. Maybe a typical meal plan. Xxxx

  5. Clementines29 says:

    Can you do a video on your fitness and diet routine? Thanks 🙂

  6. NinazHome says:

    such an interesting tag! ur facts are cool !! I will definitely check ur channel!! all the talk about cigars and wine and cognac and chips <3 haha ps I ust uploaded this tag as my first video so I would totay appreciate if u check it out and encourage me <3 ps congrats on quitting cigarettes ! XD

  7. cruisepaige says:

    Kristi,You are absolutely flippin’ priceless.You are adorable–esp. when you roll your eyes!You are a great speaker–you would be a great talk show host like Oprah–I’m serious.Your instructions for tape-ins are AMAZING! I just did mine for the first time and I am in love with them.Love your 52 weeks series and love YOU! You are so real and so sweet. I just know you are going to be very successful–like…famous.Go girl! and thanks for being such a happy bright light in this crazy icky world.

  8. SART823 says:

    I love all your videos that Ive seen so far but this by far is my fave!!!! 🙂

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