52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 3 – Watch Me Install Tape – In Extensions on My Friend Farrah

| January 23, 2014 | 42 Comments

Published on Jan 23, 2014


♥ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions (I wear color 18/22 Ash/Bleach):
♡ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions on AMAZON:

♥ DuoPro Tape Roll 3/8” / 6 Yards:
♡ DuoPro Tape Roll 3/8” / 6 Yards on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Rat Tail Comb on AMAZON:

♡ Weft Release on AMAZON:

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♥ DIY How to Make and INSTALL Tape-In Hair Extensions at Home! ♥

♥ Tape In Hair Extensions: Blow Dry, Layer, Style Hair Tutorial! ♥

♥ How to Remove & Re-Install Tape-In Hair Extensions! ♥

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♥ How to Restore Hair Extensions Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58uR…

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CAMERA: Canon 80D:

MY TRIPOD: Promaster Professional XC525 Tripod (Pink)

LIGHTING: Ring Light

MEMORY CARD: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007NDL54C/…

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Comments (42)

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  1. HairByCasey101 says:

    First to view!!!!!!! Loved it!!!

  2. Chriss89ty says:

    Second to view, haha! That is pretty cool. Loved how you did her hair using her clip in hair extensions(only to remove the clips, heh). Awesome!

  3. yangpny says:

    I tried your technique on my thin hair and it’s not noticeable.

  4. Fauxlash says:

    Hi I got tape extensions at a salon about a month ago. I’ve had to take half of them out recently because they started to pull my own hair out from the root on the edges of the little tape pieces – to the point where the tape was only half in. Particularly around the front of my hair this happened. I was wondering if this ever happens with yours in your experience? Like do the ends of the weft start to rip your real hair?I’ve had A LOT of trouble with my extensions to be honest. I like how with your technique your natural hair is on the outside of the tape instead of wedged between two big tapes (like mine currently is!)

  5. Connie Darlene says:

    I like the look of this technique much better for thin hair. I’m just wondering if it lasts as long as the sandwich method. When I was trained I was told the sandwich method seals the adhesive so water and soap/conditioner doesn’t weaken the adhesive.

  6. Lori Duncan says:

    Great job! I wish I livd closer I’d have you do mine! Lol

  7. loveandbeauty32 says:

    Yes, I have a question. You started at mid ear, but what about thicker hair girls. That hair at the nape of my neck is past my shoulders but it is the hardest to hide with clip ins. Do you have any tips on how to hide that area or is it just one of those things you have to deal with?

  8. HairByCasey101 says:

    Hahaha you should do hair for a living!!!!!! Will your next video PLEASE be on Miss Flirty’s history?????

  9. Lawanda Perthel says:

    Great video! I’m gad you decided to do one like this. I think filming from a different angle would help with seeing the placements but very helpful. I hope you do another!

  10. Sweetest Cherry says:

    I really love your videos! You are share so many useful details and are so committed to helping everyone! You come across as very genuine and that is so rare in the beauty you tube world! My sister and I are starting a channel and blog in the coming months and I will be sure to tag you in some videos! I’m also becoming an extension wearer because of your videos! I haven’t tried taping yet but I will be soon! 🙂

  11. Chriss89ty says:

    You’re welcome! 😀

  12. sharonbayy says:

    would love to see a video geared towards placement techniques for thick hair and where to buy good extensions. thats the main reason i havnt tried because its hard to find quality hair for a reasonable price

  13. Gina nonnameforever says:

    great video sweets. I haven’t been well so I need to get caught up on your videos! Hugs…hope you’re well.

  14. christinaBech says:

    I noticed you are always using wefts from clip ins 🙂 Dont they feel a little thick in your hair? I myself use the sandwich tape method and skin wefts, the ones who are see trough at the end of the weft. They are much more thin and flat than I amagine clip in wefts are. Do you think it is that much of a difference? 🙂 clip in wefts are much cheaper than skin wefts ones, so it would be cool if it would feel the same 🙂 love your videos btw! <3

  15. Dawnielle Black says:

    The only problem was I couldn’t see anything.only you infront of camara.

  16. Naidalis1 says:

    Do they come in curly or deep wave?

  17. Tara Revell says:

    How many wefts and rows did you use?

  18. Jessie Malin says:

    in a few of your videos you refer to your original video on putting in your tape extensions. I can’t seem to find it! If you could direct me that would be great, since in this video you’re not doing the “sandwiching” wefts.

  19. Sassy Ladie says:

    Hi I am going to be making tape extensions once the walker tape gets here. I am using the sassy brand extensions that have no clips and it just the track weft with hair from Sally’s. I wanted to ask your opinion of putting the extensions in the “sandwich” way. Instead of putting the tape on both sides of the extension and having your own hair sandwich it, would putting the tape on just one side of the weft and using 2 wefts to sandwich the hair stay just as well? Lots of the other videos I watched where someone had them done at the salon did it that way. I just wanna make sure I get a good hold 🙂 thank you!

  20. noga00 says:

    from where do u get your tape in wefts?? what brand do u recommend?

  21. Sheldons Girlfriend says:

    great video Farrah you looked great!

  22. Max itout says:

    How do I order your hair? I want enough to do at least a partial for added length as my hair is already slightly long but I want to add some length and I don’t really know any person who I would trust to tell me what kind of hair and I love your videos, so can u help?

  23. Kirstin Mc Cormack says:

    hi..how long can stay the tape extension in the hair with the fold over methde?yhanks kiki from ieland:-0

  24. Xunera Selod says:

    i just installed my tape-ins but i started from the very bottom i only had 20 pieces (4″ wefts) and as i went up i was almost done with all of them. i like your method of starting from the middle so that it gives a balance..guess i need to take em all off and re-apply all over :(thank you so much though your videos are great XOXO <3

  25. MiaMia Mama says:

    If you are using miss flirty extensions it would help to see which length weft you use for which parts. For next time 🙂

  26. Emily Walker says:

    You make it look incredibly easy!! <3

  27. Debra Fernandez says:

    Do extensions work in someone with short hair? Mine is just under the ears.

  28. Lacey Hall says:

    ive never seen tape ins not sandwiched together…looks really neat!

  29. Ameeras Beauty says:

    Which extensions do you buy, please respond. I will keep watching the rest of your wonderful videos on a mean while. Thank you.

  30. Ameeras Beauty says:

    Which extensions do you buy, please respond. I will keep watching the rest of your wonderful videos on a mean while. Thank you.

  31. Piercings &flowers says:

    how many inches were your friend’s extensions? they look like the perfect length that i would like:)

  32. Laura Gutierrez says:

    I’ve done this and I’m not good at it, but so far they have stayed for 7 days and I’ve received lots of compliments. It beats spending $800 in a salon. I am very happy with this process and encourage you guys to try it, just make sure you have the spray so that you can remove them if you really mess up 🙂

  33. Mary Skyys says:

    MY hair is realy really short, I would like to see if you can do one of this videos but in a girl that has short hair /: I rellay want them so it will be nice if I can see that it looks goods so I can try it.

  34. Ady Rocha says:

    Your great!!

  35. Tina Tom says:

    How much grams does this set have? Thank you <3

  36. Dirtysickler324 says:

    Do you ever double the wefts like a normal tape install for more thickness?

  37. Michele Beltran says:

    Hi, I’ve been wearing tape-ins for about four years and doing the sandwhich method only. I loose quite a bit of hair getting them removed and moved up. I am interested in your install method, but don’t understand how they stay in for four weeks without being sandwhiched. I have fine hair and cant see how just laying the hair over exposed tape would work. Also, what is the best remover? Nothing seems to get them out smoothly. Thanks!

  38. Jaden G says:

    +52weeksofbeauty Do you still apply this way or have you changed since? Also are smaller tape ins sizes better to use if you want ponytails? Thanks.

  39. sashafire1987 says:

    One of the things I was seeing online for super fine hair was to press a flat iron in a tapping motion over the sandwich area to help the glue adhere better. With your method I don’t see that being possible, which way do you think works better for super fine hair: the sandwich method or the original with doubled sided tape and a few quick presses with the flat iron over top? Thanks 🙂

  40. Sherri Bowser says:

    Hi! Love your vids! I am growing out a pixie and I am wondering if these type of extension would be good to add a longer bang.

  41. Kyrsten Wolf says:

    what brand of hair did you use?

  42. dotsandlashes says:

    Would I be able to cut the wefts into smaller pieces, similar to the size of typical tape-ins would be if you were doing the sandwiched method, and still get the same effect?I wear my hair up a lot and was wondering which would be a better option? If I were to cut the pieces, I would still do this method, not the sandwich method, but just have more separate pieces all around my hair instead of wefts… if that makes sense??? I just want to make sure if I were to cut them up, would they still work the same?

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