52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 5 – THE 6 WEEK MARK – BLOW DRYING WITH TAPE IN EXTENSIONS IN!

| February 15, 2014 | 20 Comments

Published on Feb 15, 2014


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Comments (20)

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  1. Baff Mac says:

    Love your videos ! The tape ins look great quick question can you re-use the hair when they fall out ? I mean can you re tape them ? Thank you in advance !

  2. Naidalis1 says:

    I put in the extensions on just like you and they stuck to my hair and scalp so they wouldn’t flip up when I tried to do a bun. I will try to remove them and do them like professionals do them which is a 1-2″ piece sandwiched between two tape extentions not too close to scalp. That way they won’t stick to scalp and can flip over easily.Thanks for the tips.

  3. loveandbeauty32 says:

    Oh, I don’t know if I could keep them in that long. I’m gonna plan on 4 weeks at a time. Any thoughts on a wedding hairstyle? Curious as to what you will choose.

  4. aubry calflooking says:

    Yay you did it! 🙂 thanks for the tips!

  5. Lori Duncan says:

    Great job! I love that you slowed the video down. It’s easier to follow if it’s not too fast. Lol maybe I just can’t keep up!

  6. Bivianas skinnyWraps says:

    I seriously want tape ins!! but im scared to do it on my own!

  7. HairByCasey101 says:

    Ugh,your hair always looks gorgeous!!!!!! I can’t wait until I get a set if Miss Flirty’s! By the way, when u brush the extensions (or your hair too for that matter) don’t use that kind of brush. The plastic bristles actually tangle some strands, and break them off every time you brush it. Go to like sallys, or try on eBay, or amazon, but search for a hair extension brush. It has vert soft bristles that glide through your hair, and it gives kind of a shiny, polished look:)

  8. freejellydonuts says:

    All of your videos are full of so much good information. It’s extremely gratifying, to see you break everything down in such detail. Thank you!

  9. Denise George says:

    My tape ins were getting really tangled by the second week and I felt like I was being super nice to them. Any suggestions?

  10. Tonia Witt says:

    Any suggestions on how to place the extensions in short, pixie cut, thick hair and how much hair to use? I am seriously wanting my long hair back ASAP! 😀

  11. Tonia Witt says:

    Any suggestions on how to place the extensions in short, pixie cut, thick hair and how much hair to use? I am seriously wanting my long hair back ASAP! 😀

  12. Sirena De Mar says:

    Hello! Love your videos!What tape do you use? Are you still using the walker??

  13. Jennifer Hayes says:

    First it is 4 am and I am still up because I just watch almost all your video!!! lol I have learned so much and thank you for all the great information and sharing you life with your followers… About a year ago I had a horrible bleach job and had to cut of almost all of my hair…. got a pixie cut and have been letting it grow out. It is now in this stage were on a good day I look like a old lady and on a bad day I look like my dad did in the 70’s… so that lead me too extensions. I looked at all the different types and the taped seems to be easy and affordable to keep up with and I love that it is not harsh to my hair while it grows out. But I live in the center of Hell or as we call it Texas and I was wondering with the high heat and humidity here will I have an issue with the tape/glue. Any input/ Ideas? I would love to hear your thought on it… thanks so much and Congrats!

  14. libbyam2003 says:

    Ok I have to say…. thank you soooooo much for these videos!!!! I have my first set of tape-ins in my hair now… and I KNOW I will not be able to justify the salon visits in the long-term… so I’m planning to use your guides!

  15. Mary Skyys says:

    I love your videos, I was considering in bying clip-in hair extensions ( like I always do ) but this time I will definitely try the tape extensions, and follow your videos. Thanks ^^

  16. Karen Reyes says:

    I’m getting my first tape extensions sometime this month, I’ve tried the bionic ring ones but after a while you can see the rings (I have very thin hair) .. I’m so obsessed with your videos… At first I was scared of getting them but after watching your videos I’m more excited on getting them!!!

  17. Katarina Glavas says:

    Hi! What heat setting do you use on your blowdryer? Thanks:)

  18. Jessica Savige says:

    Can you please do a video of putting your hair in a ponytail with tape extensions in? I’m thinking of getting tapes in my hair but I wear my hair up 80% of the time!! Thanks girl xx

  19. MissBexilou says:

    Can I ask, what colour do you have on your hair? Is it a full head or highlights? It’s lovely!Your wedding hair looked lovely too, was the colour the same?I’m getting married in 4 months xx

  20. daftnessrollz says:

    HI! i love your videos so much. i have a question. Right now my layers are so short and especially on my sides, i was curious that if i cut the wefts to make smaller pieces all around my sides, depending on the brand i get, will the hair shed like crazy? i remember when i was making my own clip ins for affordability, the hair shredded so much i was left with thinner wefts than when i first purchased the hair. Will that happen to the tapes? I want them to last me awhile so i want to know if i cut them will i have to rebond glue to them or not? Im so scared.

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