52 Weeks of Beauty – 2014 Week 4 – Showering With Tape-Ins – IN (Shampoo/Conditioning)

| January 25, 2014 | 28 Comments

Published on Jan 25, 2014


♥ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions (I wear color 18/22 Ash/Bleach):
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♡ Healthy Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Soy Shampoo on AMAZON:

♡ Healthy Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Soy Conditioner on AMAZON:

♡ Weft Release on AMAZON:

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♥ DIY How to Make and INSTALL Tape-In Hair Extensions at Home! ♥

♥ Tape In Hair Extensions: Blow Dry, Layer, Style Hair Tutorial! ♥

♥ How to Remove & Re-Install Tape-In Hair Extensions! ♥

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♥ A Better Way to Remove Lefover Residue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIcMA…

♥ How to Restore Hair Extensions Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58uR…

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Comments (28)

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  1. HairByCasey101 says:

    The argan oil repair shampoo and conditioner

  2. HairByCasey101 says:

    The argan oil repair shampoo and conditioner

  3. loveandbeauty32 says:

    Loreal ever-creme.

  4. Chriss89ty says:

    Argan Oil Sulfate free shampoo & conditioner! 🙂

  5. aubry calflooking says:

    Omg I love you for posting this video! You should do a part 2 to this and show us the blow drying process! Please and thank you 🙂

  6. Elaine Watson says:

    Hi Christy, I’ve started to use tresemme naturals lower sulphates. If I use a sulphate shampoo I get out off the shower with angry red itchy spots on my neck.

  7. 13MsLeo says:

    I like both these short videos and the longer ones, too. I just like to see a lot of videos, lol! I have been using Redken All Control (or something like that) shampoo and conditioner, but I’m going to try your Healthy Sexy Hair so I can get sulfate free.

  8. Chriss89ty says:

    No problem! 🙂 I love using sulfate free shampoo & conditioner(s). They’re honestly so much better for your hair! 😀

  9. Isabel Mosquera says:

    Can you make a video how you style your hair ?

  10. Lawanda Perthel says:

    Another great video! Could you maybe do one with different ways you can style your hair with the tape-ins, in?

  11. stfuxamy says:

    Is it possible to just remove one weft without the remover getting to the other wefts and loosening them too? I appreciate all the time and effort you have used to help us get the best results with tape ins; without you’re advice id be so lost!

  12. Cassondra Hall says:

    I have had my Miss Flirty hair extensions since the second week of December. I have worn them on 2 weeks off 1 week since then. I’m now having trouble with the hair tangling very easily. Do you have any recommendations?

  13. Daniela Xo says:

    i’m thinking about getting tape ins as i’m sick of clip ins had them for years and hate them as their not permanent, but, i live on an island where its always super hot and i spend time at the beach and in the sea, was wondering, will the tape react to salt water? i really really want to get tape ins but now I’m left wondering if i should because i spend most weekends at the beach and in the sea 🙁

  14. Kel Mor says:

    Hi Christy,Well I tried it again for New Years I had my fiance tape my extensions in got loads of compliments on it waited 4 days to wash my hair and as soon as I washed it, they fell off. Not sure if there was some sort of problem with the tape because remember how I told you how sticky the sides where when I got it in the summer when I ordered it from you?. This was my second attempt to put them in first in the summer then in the winter, and the same thing happened again. The first time I did them myself so I know I didn’t get onto the scalp but this time, my fiance spent over three hours doing it perfect making sure it was on the scalp and even pulled the hairs down ontop of the tape individually. I’m at my whits end now because I’m not sure what to do next. The hair that I had wasn’t that great of a grade of hair so they had to be tossed but still my concern was why wasn’t the tape sticking after I washed it. Could it have been the tape?Talk soon hope all is well and you’re getting excited of the wedding :-)Kel

  15. Maggie Guzman says:

    Have you tried putting on the single tape in extensions? not the huge weft, but the smaller ones. Also once you remove them how do you wash them and dry and retape? i couldn’t find a video for that. thanks! 🙂

  16. Alison Kelly says:

    Hi Kel, are you using the Walker hair tape? It’s the best one out there, all the other brands have fallen out on me. I use the one inch foldover technique, and they last for ages

  17. loveandbeauty32 says:

    Hey, you gotta check out the CreaClip on YouTube. I think you will love the concept of cutting your own hair in layers in seconds! Just a friendly FYI.

  18. Lawanda Perthel says:

    BTW I finally tried the tape -ins! It was kinda hard to work with in the back but once I got use to it; it was great! I used the fold over method on and off to try a trial and error and ultimately stuck with it. I think maybe i will use to other tape size you like because you’re right. That is a lot of adhesive. And after I put the extension in I did go over it with the flat iron to kinda seal it to get the tape to seal to my hair because they weren’t sticking. But this made them stay. I hope there is no issue taking them out. However, they came out great and so far LOVING them! So glad I came across your video during my research! My engagement pictures are going to look great!!!!! Plus I saved a ton doing them myself … the whole process of purchasing and getting them put in will break the bank! So Thanks for sharing & sorry for the book lol.

  19. Amber Lilly says:

    i have silver\white hair so i need to use toning shampoo witch im sure isnt sulfrate free so what problems will it cause..?

  20. shortcake210382 says:

    Yeah I have I figured out if I just wear half a set at a time it doesn’t seem to get tangled. I use coconut oil and John Freda heat protection every time.

  21. Ashley says:

    Puroligy is by far my favorite shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free. The rosemary mint smell is amazing too.

  22. Sirena De Mar says:

    I love your videos! This is very helpful because tomorrow I have to wash my hair for the first time after applying them 3 days ago!!!!! I tell everyone how awesome your videos are!!!

  23. Cheryl Clark says:

    OMG, I just had to say something about tape-ins and your videos. I didn’t think they would work in my thick curly hair. But after a lot of research and trying sew-ins, which I do not like very much, glue-ins, like the look but hate the aftermath. Then I came across your vids along with some others but I always came back to yours b/c they were so complete. I now am a fan and have the tape-ins and just did my first shampoo and blow dry. I was a little nervous and watch your video first…lol. It worked great and I love it! My hair feels so natural and unharmed. Thanks so much for the videos and keep up the good work. I’ll be watching. Also congrats on your engagement!

  24. Rejeana Simmons says:

    I used conditioner in between the eggs like you did and they came out 🙁 had to reinstall them

  25. Amanda Ford says:

    Super appreciate this video! Though I used regular shampoo for years, I finally tried those Wen products and they really do a great job on my hair. Getting these tape extensions this weekend, but can I continue to use my Wen? Thanks again for vid. Really informative.

  26. TheDentalrn says:

    I am curious about Wen products too. My hairdresser said she didn’t think there would be a problem BUT as much as I paid to have them put it….I want to be sure. Sexy hair products have always made my hair soft and big……..I guess just go by trial and error…

  27. sashafire1987 says:

    I’m surprised you don’t have more of a following on youtube, you have probably the most informative videos on extensions hair care and especial tape in extensions. You genuinely have answered every question I’ve had so far after watching a lot of your videos, thanks for uploading them! 🙂

  28. Gisele Paiva says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos 🙂

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