52 Weeks of Beauty – 2013 Week 23 – DIY Hair Extension Case WINNER & NEW CONTEST ANNOUNCED!!

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Published on Jun 18, 2013


♡ See the first part of this contest video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmN_UG…

* NEW CONTEST RULES (Open to the entire world)*
To be eligible, you must leave a comment on this video (or email me your answers: christy.allysen@yahoo.com), answering these questions:

1. What color/texture/style is your natural hair?
2. Your favorite brand of hair extensions?
3. Your favorite type of hair extensions (clip in, tape in, etc)?
4. Where do you buy your hair extensions?

DEADLINE: 11:59PM Central Standard Time (United States) on August 18th, 2013. I will review all entries and announce the winner August 19th, 2013.

The grand (and only) prize will be a set of Miss Flirty 10 Piece Clip In 22″ Remy Human Hair Extensions (you select color).

♥ ♥ ♥ GOOD LUCK!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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♥ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions (I wear color 18/22 Ash/Bleach):
♡ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions on AMAZON:

♥ Tape-In Hair Extensions (several colors to choose from):

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  1. 13MsLeo says:

    Woohoo!! I’m so excited to pick out some beautiful extensions to tape in!! You would have laughed if you saw my two young kids jumping around when they saw I won, LOL! Thank you for posting all of the pics – I never thought of making a box-type case and I love that blue leopard fabric that one person used. I’m thinking a new etsy is in my future with all kinds of cases!

  2. Jamie Mitchell says:

    I love remi hai, in 14 to 20 inches, and in medium auburn from Sally’s. And I love clip ons.

  3. Jamie Mitchell says:

    And my hair is medium auburn

  4. Sara Rosalie says:

    My hair is naturally blonde but last year I changed my look and had dark brown underneath, it is quite fine and straight…. I usually wear clip ins which I buy from ebay (best place 4 me on a budget) I buy 2 colours light blonde for top of my hair in 14inch & dark brown for bottom which has varies from 18-20 inch…. I really want to try & do diy tape in after watching your videos & have showed all my friends the videos too. They are waiting for me to do tape ins so I can do theres ha x

  5. Lori Duncan says:

    Suggestions for upcoming contests would be extension care and conditioning techniques. Like 4 top solutions for extensions suffering from abuses of sun, wind, heat damage and dryness. Before and after photos and maybe DIY ingredients could be included.

  6. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Wow – making your own wigs?! Sounds like a YouTube video tutorial is in your future!! Hopefully you find some good suggestions on here over the next few months for a brand you will love… 🙂

  7. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Yay – thank you and yes a big congrats to her! 🙂

  8. alexbrynna says:

    cant wait for another contest! wish i would have entered this previous one and congrats to the winner! cute cases. also loved that box idea that one girl did 🙂

  9. alexbrynna says:

    My fav type of extensions for the past 9 years has been sew-ins. I get my hair through the lady that does my hair out of state & she certainly doesnt tell me who she buys through haha! BUT i recently ordered some hair as per your reccomendation in another video, through glamour hair & will be ordering more so that i can do tape-ins for the first time w/in a month or two. I have straight fine hair & so i use straight or body wave brown #7european remi hair 22″ usually using 2diff colors mixed #4

  10. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi and OM Goodness – you are so sweet! Thank you!! eBay seems to be the most popular place so far….they do have a nice range of types and prices for everyone. When I did sew ins, they had to braid synthetic hair into the horizontal braid to hold my wefts…so I totally know what you mean. Npw, it’s tape ins forever! haha

  11. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awwww u are very welcome and thank you too! U are so sweet! 🙂 And – thank you for sharing your info! 🙂

  12. Alondra Garcia says:

    My hair is wavy now since my curls got burn straight /: but I lkid Sassy collection but they’re too thin for me now.. I love clip ins and I get them from sallys 🙂

  13. DianaBanana456 says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for doing this contest! I have naturally straight hair that is a dar reddish brown (dyed). I have never tried hair extensions before but I really want to try them (hence, why I’m entering). I think I would love to try tape in extensions after watching your tutorial :). <3

  14. Jenn Reedy says:

    I’m an “extension addict!” Lol- I have natural light/med brown hair. I dye it Blonde & it’s a lot thinner now! 🙁 I’ve worn ext. for 15+ yrs! Many brands, colors etc. only REMY hair! I like Chinese Remy better than Indian! It’s much thicker & lasts longer ( it’s stronger hair!) . I’ve only used clip ins, I would like to try tape ins but don’t have a spare set to use 🙁 . I’ve like LUSH locks, for $price, & Bellami has nice thickness. In all honest I bought MISS FLIRTY set & LOVED THEM!

  15. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    I love this!! So sweet! Thank you for saying such amazing things about Miss Flirty’s – that makes me so happy you like them! And – one day I will offer a thicker set too! 😉 Thx for entering!! xo!

  16. Pinkparanorm says:

    @ 52 weeks’ – Ur so welcome! I love ur video’s & tutorials. U hardly mention your own “Miss Flirty” extensions brand & since I had purchased a set & LOVED them, I really wanted to tell other girls about them. It’s so hard to find GOOD quality hair, that feels great & Lasts a long time! I was pleasantly surprised w/the amazing quality of your “hair” . 170 gr is a GOOD set, I only said I would like more weight due to my SHORT hair, 1 set is REALLY good for most! & Chinese Remy is the BEST! 🙂

  17. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing your info and you are definitely entered! 🙂

  18. Codiegirl101 says:

    1. My hair is dark brown. It is sorta think and very curly. 2. I dot have a favorite hair extensions. It would probably be GlamTimeHair. 3. I don’t have a favorite. I have tried clip in and liked them but the clips starting coming off so I would like to try tape it. 4. I haven’t bought hair extensions yes but soon I will online. I would either buy them online or at Sally’s beauty supply.

  19. bu88bles says:

    PS. i get them from Sally’s Beauty Supply 🙂

  20. Chriss89ty says:

    P.s., my natural hair is wavy, but I straighten it most days along with my hair extensions. Although I had bought mine already straight. But on special occasions, I like to curl the extensions along with my natural hair. I also do different kinds of braids with it too most days as well. I can do the fishtail braid, normal braid, 4 strand braid, recently learned how to do a 6 strand braid here on YouTube–took me a while to actually get it right, heh. XD

  21. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi Hannah! Thx for your info and for entering! 🙂

  22. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much and I have you entered! 🙂

  23. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Oh I did too! Micro beads are not for me… 🙁 But thx for entering and thanks for the website name – I love hearing about new places! I have you entered!

  24. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    LOVE braids! I’ll hafta learn the 6 strand braid too! So fun! Thx for sharing – I have you entered into the contest!

  25. Beth Woolard says:


  26. Beth Woolard says:

    My natural hair color is medium brown with natural highlights and is wavy. I don’t have a favorite brand of extensions I usually buy on ebay :). My favorite type of extensions are clip ins, only because that’s all I have ever tried, I would like to try tape ins! And like I said before I usually get them from eBay! Your videos are great keep doing what you love girl!

  27. Chriss89ty says:

    No problem. For the six strand braid, it actually took me about 4-6-7 tries to at least get it right. It’s a little complicated then it looks, heh. But good luck trying it out! 🙂 And thanks for entering me.

  28. Melissa Stevens says:

    So I spur of the moment decided I would cut 12 inches of hair off did not look good. So now I have a grown out bob that has decided it wants to grow really slow. So I bought extensions of a site called AliExpress. I have really thick hair I always need 2 bags of hair because my hair is jet black, thick and wavy. I buy 18 & 20 inches together this way they also already give me the layered look. I was clipping them in until I found Chrissy’s page and I now tape them and I love it. Thanks Chrissy

  29. Jessi Kolesnikov says:

    My natural hair is very thin and is a little longer than armpit level. It is naturally a light brown but I bleach it to almost platinum #60/#613. Because my hair is so fine I love using hair extensions for volume and length. Until last month I had only ever tried clip in extentions, but I just had the “official” tape in extentions put in. I hate them! I am so excited to try your way because with the tape ins I presently have pull,pinch and itch constantly. I love you and your videos! Thanks!!

  30. Jane Vallejo says:

    My Hair is a medium thick, naturally big and wavy/curlish in dark brown:) Ive been through the bad and good extentions by hair my fav that lasted me a yr so far is lovebodybling . com i LOVE THEM. i guess my favorite right now is clip ins, i wanna try taped in extentions so so bad! yours look great! I only buy hair online:) enter me?:)

  31. Jane Vallejo says:

    by far not by hair… hahaha oh man type-o :}

  32. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Yay – that’s awesome Melissa! Quick question for you…how long didi it take you to get your extensions from AliExpress? Awhile? And – thank you – I have you entered!

  33. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi Jessi! Thanks for entering and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Un-Sandwich method! They shouldn’t pull or pinch at all!!

  34. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Wow Jane – lovebodybling has some great prices – thanks for sharing! Never heard of that site before! And you are definitely entered!

  35. Julie Ceballos says:

    My hair is thin and short like yours but a medium brown. I have tried sew in weave, clip ins, fusion and the Halo. So far I like the Halo but not in “love”…that’s why I’m on youtube searching yet again for something better. I came across your video and now interested in your method. You are so interesting that I subscribed which says a lot :0). Please enter me for your contest.

  36. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi Julie! You are entered! I always wanted the Halo to work for me – but it just always peeked out on the side. Do you have luck with yours?

  37. Julie Ceballos says:

    I can wear it when I curl all of it and blend. I cannot wear it straight because the sides will show. My hair is way too thin :0(

  38. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Boo – me too 🙁 I think it’s great for girls with thick, short hair – that just want their s a bit longer…

  39. annika ross says:

    Hi Christy.Thank you so much for doing videos and this contest.My hair color is natural platinum blonde,straight,medium thickness and over my shoulders.I dont have a favorate brand of extensions,iusually buy on eBay because I live in Estonia and here we dont have shops were we can buy Extensons. My favorite type of extensions are clip ins,because that’s all I have ever tried, and thanks do you I love tape ins and i would tike to try tape extensions.Good luck du you 🙂

  40. jessicagail2010 says:

    My hair is straight/flat/off black…i like remy human hair, clip in… I just recently got bellami hair extensions, they are great but i would like to try different brands. Thank you(: <3

  41. NancyGonzalezzzz says:

    I have naturally b

  42. NancyGonzalezzzz says:

    I have naturally brown hair, it’s pretty thin and my hair has a slight wave but mostly straight. I don’t have a lot of money so the brand I use is from a seller on eBay called minihouse8888 , I’ve only tried clip in hair extensions and I love them since my hair is short and thin. Thanks for giving us youtubers a chance to win a set of extensions, I appreciate it <3 Thanks (:

  43. Lisa Williams says:

    1. My hair is [naturally] dark brown, fine as well as thin 🙁 and my hair styles change with the direction of the wind. LOL Right now it’s a short-ish asymmetrical cut. But I’m about to get a side cut on just one side and put extensions in the rest. Can’t wait!2. I hardly ever buy the same brand, so I guess I haven’t found a favorite. Haven’t tried yours yet ;)3. Tape in is my favorite… 18 – 22″ usually wavy4. Local hair stores, I’m kinda scared to buy hair I can’t touch or see.

  44. Michelle Turunnen says:

    I really love your videos!! You are amazing!!

  45. Michelle Turunnen says:

    1. My hair is golden medium blonde, medium thicker, wavy, and over my shoulders. 2. I don’t have a favorite brand because I haven’t used any type of hair extensions. I’m really looking forward to try yours!! 🙂 they look very pretty!! 3. Clip in, I would really like to have long hair. 3. I’ll start buying them online. Thank you, so much!! I really love your videos. And your hair looks amazing. I love it!

  46. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you Annika! I hope you do try tape ins! And, I have you entered! 🙂

  47. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Ok, thank you I have you entered! Great info, I also heard Bellami Extensions were really nice! 🙂

  48. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You are very welcome and thanks for your info and for entering!! 🙂

  49. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    LOL – ur hilarious! My hair style changes too with the direction of the wind – esp in Chi-Town! 😉 And – I hear ya on the touch/see part. Buying extensions online can be scary…but when I do this contest announcement video – I will put all the companies/brands that all of you like. So – hopefully you will find a few places online that are highly recommended! 🙂

  50. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you SOOOOO much Michelle! You are so sweet! And thx for entering too! 🙂

  51. Miranda Bray says:

    1.) hair is naturally blonde, just not this color of blonde! it’s fine I guess. not thick not thin? It’s naturally straight. 2.) I’ve only had 1 pair of extensions so far, and they’re “Euronext” I like them ^.^ they’re soft and smell fantastic. x) 3.) clip ins. I want to try tape-ins but im scared it’ll be a big disaster or pull all my hair out. xD4.) this pair is from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I think it’s so cool that you’re doing this contest! Esp. bc extensions aren’t cheap! Thank you!

  52. Chriss89ty says:

    I have a question: what’s the whole ideal after someone wins the contest? Will the person be receiving a pair of extensions for free or will the person have to buy them from you or from a company that had brought over the extensions to you? If you could let me know before you make your contestant winner video, that would be great! Thanks! 🙂

  53. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    The winner will receive a FREE set of Miss Flirty Hair Extensions directly from me! Valued at: $164.99. 🙂

  54. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thanks Miranda! Never heard of extensions smelling great – ha – that was fun to read and know about Euronext! 😉 I have you entered! Lotsa Luck! 🙂

  55. Chriss89ty says:

    Alright. Will the shipping be free also, too or do we have to pay for shipping?

  56. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    FREE!! Zero cost to the winner!! Ask 13msleo if u are still worried…she was last winner! 🙂

  57. jessicagail2010 says:

    They are. They are my firstever set of extensions. Thank you for the reply btw. (:

  58. Gloria Shin says:

    so excited for the giveaway to be announcedddd >_<

  59. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Where are you???? haha Did you get my email?! I have FUN news for you!!!

  60. Karlie Stoe says:

    i know its closed but i just thought id tell yall what i do 🙂 i buy from lovebodybling i get the 24 inch in 240 (SUPER THICK! triple wefted!) i get shade 60 platinum white blonde (but i have to tone it with purple shampoo cuase they are very yellowy) and the blonde shades cost $20 more but my total is usually $155 i use only half of the set in my head most of the time so on half is taped in with walker no shine 1/4 inch tape i use the foldy method

  61. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing Karlie!!

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  63. Browse unique items from fashionbee66 on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

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