52 Weeks of Beauty – 2013 Week 24 – Shower Video: Removing Tape – In Extensions: The ENTIRE Process

| June 21, 2013 | 43 Comments

Published on Jun 21, 2013

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Comments (43)

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  1. Amber A says:

    JUST realized I didn’t enter the giveaway! darn, I’ll have to wait for another one (or beg my hubby to let me just buy them lol). Thank you for showing the removal process step by step!

  2. Lori Duncan says:

    Ahh, your puppy is sooo precious! Love it 🙂

  3. Lori Duncan says:

    I know this removal is in high speed, but how long would you say the weft release actually takes you to be able to remove each piece? Seems quicker for you than me, but I was so careful not to pull. That Walkers tape is great stuff! Thanks so much for this tutorial. And your extensions are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get some Miss Flirtys!

  4. Lori Duncan says:

    Yep, that’s how much hair I got out. Not bad at all!

  5. Gloria Shin says:

    I get so excited when I see you’re new videos! 😀 thanks for the posts hehe

  6. 13MsLeo says:

    Your puppy is so cute!! I have a Yorkie, too. His name is Lars. 🙂

  7. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You can still enter the NEW giveaway!! And you are very welcome! 🙂

  8. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awwww thank you!!!!

  9. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Great question! I let it sit only 10-30 seconds, before I start to try to remove it. Then if it is not ready, I will re-apply and wait another 10 seconds or so. Pretty quick overall!

  10. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you soooo much!! 🙂

  11. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awww – how much does Lars weigh? Hailey is 3 lbs. 🙂

  12. DiiJiiGii says:

    Great info! I thumbs up’d even tho’ I probably won’t be ready for tape ins until fall. 🙂 I hope while your extensions are out you’ll spoil me with a video on how you apply clip ins and hide them in your hair. I don’t think I can do tape ins until I learn to blend using clip ins.

  13. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Aww – thank you! And Fall will be a great time to try them – I’ll have even more video’s about tape ins up by then! 😉 And – clip in video is def coming up very soon! 🙂

  14. 13MsLeo says:

    Lars is a heavyweight at 9lbs, 😉

  15. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    So cute!! 9 lbs still is tiny! 🙂

  16. victoria schwambach says:

    What are your steps when you wash your hair when you have the tape ins, in? Do you still use conditioner or does that cause the tape to last a shorter time? Your videos are absolutely amazing! Cant stop watching! (:

  17. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Great question! And – thanks for such a sweet comment!! I think I will be doing a video on that soon. A shower video – part 2. 😉 But, basically – washing my hair is not much different with tape ins – in – than without. Same shampoo and conditioner (Lush Big Shampoo & Aussie or Macadamia Conditioner). The only diff is that I don’t scrub at the wefts, I pat shampoo and conditioner on them – and then I scrub my scalp in between the wefts…if that makes sense…lol

  18. Codiegirl101 says:

    Are you only going to do 52 videos? 🙁

  19. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi! At this point – that is my plan! I would SO love to do more…but I have too many jobs. BOO. lol Maybe one day – I LOVE doing videos!

  20. Ashley Munt says:

    Hii I got a couple off things to ask 1 can u put up ur hair with the extensions not showing 2 can u dye ur hair with them in 3 is there anything u can tell me about them I’m thinking about geting them but I don’t won’t ro reck my hair and u email me at bettyboop1994@live.ca thank you

  21. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi! And I have answers… :)1. Yes – Definitely2. No – don’t dye your hair with them in. The dye will not go onto the “taped” part.3. Send me a personal email – it is listed below in description box. Ask me anything you have specific ?’s for and I will help! 🙂 Also – written out instructions are available at: 52weeksofbeauty website

  22. karolina gonzalez says:

    Hey what does baking soda and apple cider vinegar do to your hair?

  23. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Clarify and add shine 🙂

  24. alexbrynna says:

    Where do u buy the Jamaican dream shampoo from?

  25. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    ebonyline 🙂

  26. shittybritches007 says:

    how do you take them out without any glue shampoo or weft release 🙁

  27. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You could take them out with any glue remover oil…or any oil I guess. You would need to really saturate them and wait about 45-60 minutes or longer…

  28. DiiJiiGii says:

    So, I think I got greedy and put my top wefts too high on my head and dont have enuf hair above it to hide the weft (I could try hand tied that high maybe.) So, I may have to remove just that top row. Any suggestions for removing one segment along with the glue remover shampoo, conditioning, vinegar and baking soda, etc to remove all residue WITHOUT disturbing the other wefts? Thank you, thank you for everything! You are awesome!

  29. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    I have done this before and the SOONER you can remove the top weft – the better. Less residue. Just be super careful w the Weft Release and only get it on the top weft. Then be gentle in shower with shampoo and conditioner. Fine tooth comb the hair that had the weft on it (with conditioner on it too). The residue should come out super easy (you prob won’t even have to use baking soda/vinegar bc that taped weft hasn’t been in that long). Good luck! 🙂

  30. dirtyDprincess says:

    omg! your puppy is so cute! and my lil’ yorkie, Sunny, is very scared of rain and thunder also 🙁

  31. DiiJiiGii says:

    I plan to buy the macadmia oil deep repair mask you mention here, but didn’t see it in your amazon store on the blog. I definitely want to order it thru your referral. If it’s there, can you tell me what week it’s on? Or, if you add it, let me know and I’ll place my order. Thanks, as always!

  32. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You are SO SWEET!! I wish Amazon still did the referral program – but they stopped. I don’t have it for sale currently, but my dad and I are working on a shop for the 52 website, so I will let you know when that is up.

  33. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Sorry – just saw this! Thank you!! I wish there was something safe we could give our sweet ones when it thunders…

  34. Donna Williams says:

    Hi I am in Australia love your videos and find them really helpful. I have just started wearing the tape extensions and they are awesome will never go back to my normal hair. I have found though that baby oil works really well at removing the extensions will very little if any residue.

  35. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awesome idea – never thought of that! I will so give it a try! Thanku!!

  36. Lisa Smaha says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!! It really is a blessing to me.

  37. Bayshore Belle says:

    Does having tape ins slow down hair growth?

  38. Małgorzata Borkowska says:

    i’ve just done it for the first time and had so much more hair that fell out 🙁

  39. Stephanie Brannan says:

    Love your videos. I have had my tape-in extensions for a few months now and absolutely love the fold over method. So easy to DIY. I do have a question regarding how to remove the tape and adhesive from my extensions when I take them out. What routine do you use? How do I ensure that they are ready for new tape?

  40. weareunholy says:

    I can’t find the “Walker weft release” anywhere ): Would you please give me a link or tell me the whole name of it?

  41. QueenBeeChas says:

    Thanks for your method of extensions! I am a black female & I made your extensions using the sandwich method. I kept them in for about a month. They were super easy to take out using walker weft release. I am an avid sewin wearer. This was much cheap and less time consuming. I used left over virgin hair I had in my stash. No hair loss upon taking out. One last thing is I work outside with a hard hat in Louisiana heat and I had no problems!!!

  42. Loraine Eliza says:

    how long did the tape ins stay in your hair?

  43. Amanda Ford says:

    REALLY appreciate the time, energy, and effort you devote to these tape hair extensions [THE] vids. So informative, helpful; plus, your personality is awesome! Please continue. Cheers

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