52 Weeks of Beauty – 2013 Week 26 – DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid/MOH & Special Message for My Dad

| July 14, 2013 | 36 Comments

Published on Jul 14, 2013



♥ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions (I wear color 18/22 Ash/Bleach):
♡ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Rose Stencil on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Painting Sponges on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Metallic Silver Paint Pen on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Rose Petals on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Brown Paper Gift Box on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Clear Page Protectors on AMAZON:

♡ White Parchment Paper on AMAZON:

♡ Similar 3D Letter Stickers on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Flowers on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Silver Bows on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Chiffon Ribbon on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Ivory Lace Ribbon on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Metal Rings for Binding on AMAZON:

♡ Similar White Daisy Mulberry Paper Flowers on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Paper Flowers for Daisies on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Rhinestone Rolls (I used Jelly) on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Self-Adhesive Pearls on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Gold & Silver Glitter on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Silver Glitter Paper on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Gold Glitter Paper on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Glitter Paper on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Ivory Card Stock on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Coral Paper (for Gift Card Pocket) on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Ivory Linen Paper on AMAZON:

♡ Similar Silver Buttons on AMAZON:

♡ Similar White Texture Paper (for back of book) on AMAZON:

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♥ Our Wedding Day – April 26th, 2014 ♥

♥ Our HONEYMOON at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia! ♥

♥ Our New Home Tour ♥

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Comments (36)

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  1. TashanaM88 says:

    Beautiful I love it!!!

  2. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you sooo much!! 🙂

  3. mrscat4john says:

    such a great idea!!

  4. Laura Schulz says:

    Beautiful, thank you for asking me to be in your wedding, what an honor! I’m so excited and blessed to have a beautiful friend like you!

  5. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank YOU for saying yes!! I am sooo excited and sooo happy!! I adore you and am so blessed to have you RIGHT by my side that day… I love you so much!!

  6. 11mjsmommy says:

    I love this idea!! I’m already married, so I’m going to have to find a great reason to do something like this for my girls!! Maybe you can put your dad in one of your vids, then he’ll get hooked!! Lol

  7. everbarnes28 says:


  8. idunnonicole says:

    JACK! U do a video now lol!!!

  9. idunnonicole says:

    U can put music on YouTube. Entertainment is a available use without copyright infringement

  10. idunnonicole says:

    Unforgettable by Natalie Cole is the best one in my opinion

  11. Lori Duncan says:

    What great gifts! Beautiful! I’d expect nothing less from you 🙂

  12. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    HA! Thank YOUUUUUUUU!!! 🙂

  13. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Ok ty!! It may be that one!

  14. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    I should! Maybe next time I visit him in STL! And – let me know if you do books like these for another occasion! 🙂

  15. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Where?! How?

  16. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awww thanks Lori! I was just thinking about you! Hope your having a great summer! 🙂

  17. Lori Duncan says:

    Thanks! We are still on vacation in Texas. Having a super time! I do miss my kitty though :'( by the way, your doggie is too adorable!

  18. MoiraS63 says:

    I wouild love..love to see your dad to a video!! Come on do it :))

  19. DiiJiiGii says:

    I notice you have your hair tucked back on the sides in many videos. Is that to help disguise/blend the tape ins? Or just a preference?

  20. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    The tape ins do not show through… It is just a preference…I have always liked it out of my face a bit and pulled half back… Sometimes I leave it all down though too.

  21. DiiJiiGii says:

    I like “As I Lay Me Down to Sleep” by Sophie B Hawkins as a father-daughter song. She wrote it about her father,

  22. 3amParanormal says:

    Daddys hands has always made me cry everytime i hear that song. its such a good song and appropriate for the dance. i just set my date for my wedding September 28, 2013. im super excited as you are about yours as well. congrats on your engagement. i am also going to do the tape-ins for my wedding. my hair is shoulder legnth and want long hair on the special day. and oh yeah Pops you should totaly do a video. hope to see it soon. dont be shy! have a great week. Shew that was a lot to say.lol.

  23. Gina nonnameforever says:

    awww, Christy.. what a lovely video!! I am so very happy for you. You are glowing and full of love. So glad I found your channel. I keep saying I am going to email you and I will soon. Your books for your bridesmaids are beautiful. I hope your dad will post a video.. we all need good advice on vitamins and skin care. Come on Jack.. post a video please:) Anyways, it’s late and I am tired. Just wanted to say I love your creativity and your personality. You make me smile.. God Bless:)

  24. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Congrats!!! I didn’t know you were engaged! Yours is coming up soooo soon – yay!!! I will listen to that song – thank you so much for the suggestion! And thanks for telling my dad to be brave – ha! He SOOO needs to do a video!! Xo!

  25. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Awww sweet! I wil check it out – thank you sooo much!! 🙂

  26. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Gina! Hiiiiiii!! You make me smile! You are SUCH a sweetheart! I always get so giddy when I see a comment from you!! Thank you for saying such amazingly sweet things to me! And my Dad so does need to do a video – C’mon Dad – just ONNNNEEEE??? 😉 Maybe he will if he keeps reading all of these comments! Thanks again Gina – big hugs!!!!!

  27. Kel Mor says:

    Omg Christy you are so talented and creative. I absolutely love how you put those books together for your bridesmaids and how everything matches perfectly together. Thank you for sharing the words you said to your bridesmaids. You can definitely see the closeness you have with them. My favorite father daughter song would be unforgettable but the version where she’s singing it with her father so you can hear both their voices. Its so special and has so much meaning.

  28. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Thank you Kel!! That was such a sweet comment!!! I like that version of the song too…very sweet! My dad is reading these comments and there mayyyyyy be a video from him soon!!

  29. DiiJiiGii says:

    Oh I hope as your wedding nears, you’ll let us see the different hairstyles you’re considering for your wedding day! So fun! Excited for you!

  30. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Good idea!! I will!! 🙂

  31. missmariyaxo says:

    Such a cute idea for the bridesmaids! I did a video on how I asked mine too 🙂

  32. Renee Rettke says:

    You are so creative. I love your idea! I watch your videos and wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. You are a beautiful woman &deserve all the best. You are so full of sunshine & great ideas! Thank you for sharing the books & please keep posting 🙂 Jack/Papa you should do a video!! Hope you both had a very Merry Christmas…..Renee 🙂

  33. GirlieShoes1207 says:

    This was a great idea, very creative and generous with that card!!lol.. I hope your wedding was wonderful: )

  34. laurap702 says:

    Love it!! Especially the gift card idea!

  35. Renee Barraza says:

    oh em gee I love this and I’m so going to steal so many of your awesome ideas! This is the first video of yours that I have seen but your enthusiasm is infectious!! ooh, and give your puppy kisses from me, super cute!

  36. Antoinette Greaves says:

    This is very creative and cool and cute. You should start selling! I would definitely buy them since i’m sure it’s very time consuming. Very happy i saw this post. Thank you.

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