52 Weeks of Beauty – 2013 Week 33 – Tape – Ins…even EASIER! The Fold – Over Technique

| September 19, 2013 | 57 Comments

Published on Sep 19, 2013



♥ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions (I wear color 18/22 Ash/Bleach):
♡ Miss Flirty Hair Extensions on AMAZON:

♥ Tape-In Hair Extensions (several colors to choose from):

♥ Ultra Hold Single Sided Tape Tabs:
♡ Single Sided Tape Tabs:

♡ 1/4” Tape – No Shine on AMAZON:

♥ 1/2” Tape – No Shine:
♡ 1/2” Tape – No Shine on AMAZON:

♡ 1/3” Tape – No Shine on AMAZON:

♥ 3/8” Tape – No Shine:
♡ 3/8” Tape – No Shine on AMAZON:

♡ 1” Tape – No Shine on AMAZON:

♥ Weft Release:
♡ Weft Release on AMAZON:

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♥ DIY How to Make and INSTALL Tape-In Hair Extensions at Home! ♥

♥ Tape In Hair Extensions: Blow Dry, Layer, Style Hair Tutorial! ♥

♥ How to Remove & Re-Install Tape-In Hair Extensions! ♥

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♥ A Better Way to Remove Leftover Residue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIcMA…

♥ How I Highlight/Lowlight My Hair at Home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0rZa…

♥ How to Restore Hair Extensions Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58uR…

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Comments (57)

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  1. Carole Henderson says:

    I have had my extensions in for 2 weeks and the weft is separating from the tape. I was my hair every 3 days and am very careful with pulling. What can I do to keep the separation from happening?

  2. kapowlol says:

    Your cute

  3. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    And – you’re sweet! 🙂

  4. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You may have to either glue or sew the wefts together first…or use sep tape pieces for sep wefts…

  5. Chloe Luckin says:

    How do you tend to hide the hair on the underneath that’s a bit short that’s below the first weft. They show in my hair when I wear hair extensions and you can tell where my hair ends 🙁

  6. Becca Montross says:

    I tried the tape in extensions with the walker double sided no shine tape. I had them in about 8.5 weeks and i just took them out. I used the walker weft release and they came out super easily but I have tons of left over glue residue. I cannot get it out. Any recommendations? I’ve tried baking soda, acetone, etc. I need help!!

    • PotatoSlug says:

      Just use oil love; olive oil is best, but we used canola spray in a pinch and it worked great. It breaks down the glue easy, and it’s a nice little treat for your hair too!

      Pour (or spray!) a little on the residue area, work it in with your fingers, and comb/brush gently out once its saturated. Leave it in your hair for a bit before you wash out and condition as normal. You might need to wash twice to get the oil out, but your hair will shine after!

  7. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Fully dry your hair with a blow drier even if it feels sticky. Then re-wash your hair like I do in my shower video. Then dry hair again. Should feel much better. You may have to do this 3-4 times. Don’t use too much baking soda. Just about 2tablespoons worth each time. Email me and I will help more…

  8. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Also don’t use acetone. And make sure u are using a mixture of shampoo, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. These three are like a magic potion together.

  9. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    You may need a few more small 1″ pieces (hand tied maybe?) below that other weft…and kind of stagger them…like laying bricks. 😉

  10. 1029amw says:

    Hello, I love your videos they have been so helpful! I have never tried semi permanent hair extensions but i am going to try the DIY tape method this week.. A few questions, I see more of the sandwich method with the tape extensions but the way you do it, are you putting the tape as close to the scalp as possible and getting letting the hair overtop attach onto the tape on the top side?? If so, do you find that method works better compared to the sandwich method . Please get back to me!! Thanks

  11. 52weeksofbeauty says:

    Hi! Yes – as close to/on scalp as possible. And I love this way bc it prevents your weft from showing when the wind blows. Also – there is no tangling or matting either…as son have this problem with the sandwich method.

  12. Celie Beal says:

    Hi, where can i purchase the tape?? Is it sold at any local stores or hair supply store? Thanks!

  13. Evangeline says:

    What color was the weft in the example you did and where did you get it. I am looking for good hand tied weft.

  14. Hi Evangeline, Color 18/613. Golden dark blonde mixed with bleach blonde. Email me with a picture of your hair color and I will match it for you at christy.allysen@yahoo.com.

  15. Małgorzata Borkowska says:

    does it stick worse to your hair than two pieces of tape?

  16. jasy jubilant t says:

    you put these in same way as you did with other ones?

  17. Jackie Campbell says:

    Can you do a tutorial of exactly how you put these in =) thanks!!

  18. Lilia Sulpacio says:

    Great method. I swipe my real hair with an alcohol pad, right where the extension will be placed, dry it with cool blow dryer and then apply my tape extension. Just assures the oils are gone and increase the hold time on my hair. For removal I use a spay bottle with alcohol 71% or higher from sallys or walmart and they slide right off with no gooey residue and then a good washing and deep conditioning and ready for a new install.

  19. Margaritha Venganza says:

    please tell me, can you do that with lose – raw hair? that is not weaved?

  20. Jodi Tomczak says:

    Do you sell the hand tied hair? If so how do I get it from u? Also If I gave u measurements from my head for a few wefts for my head do u offer that also with the foldover method so i could just apply right to my hair without doing all the work?

  21. hellowbetty says:

    can i use this method but with the weth hair extension ?

  22. Monica Iacobino says:

    Hi-love your tutorial videos. As some others have asked in more recent posts, are you applying the fold over method as you did in your prior videos (assuming yes)? The “sandwich” method seems as if it protects surrounding hair from getting stuck to the extension. With the “fold-over” method do you just place the track in and let hair fall over it without any extra heating, or what not? Will random hair stick to the open, un-sandwiched (new word!) track? Can you please elaborate…Thanks!!

  23. makenzie sperry says:

    Where can I get really inexpensive clip in extensions?

  24. Takia Scott says:

    where do u get the hair from?

  25. letishia Jackson says:

    new to the game of tapeing also…I ‘m a black chick …love your method..well explained and direct..thanks for sharing

  26. vogamadrid2511 says:

    Can I use a normal flat iron? mine go to 200 degrees only. Thanks! Great video to save money!!

  27. Elvira Alcantar says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the videos I been using clip ins end they were starting to bee a pain because of the time it takes to put them in (mom of two) end thanks to your videos I learned about the tape method end how to do them my self thank you again 🙂

  28. Lazar Dimitrov says:

    Hi,I would like to ask you do you know if the adhesive tapes that Walker company sells contain latex or anything that might cause allergic reactions,because I read disturbingly many comments about rashes and red areas,because of adhesive hair tape-(Walker no shine,ultra hold) and I am verry concerned. P.S I am Maria-this is my boyfriend’s profile 😀 And you were the reason I switched from clip ins to tape in and I love it,but I am verry scared,reading about this toxic ingredients.

  29. Cathy Glascock says:

    Love your videos! What hair do you use (machine wefted) and where do you get it?

  30. MommyLondon says:

    I have just recently started trying the tape in extensions after yrs with the clips in ones…So far I love them but I have to admit I am scared to wash and condition them..well more so conditioning them..If oil gets them out so easy..Wont my conditioner do the same thing when I was my hair ?..Please respond as I would like to know if there is a way to prevent this 🙂 thank you and love your videos 🙂

  31. Monet Lee says:

    Seriously love your videos they are so helpful. I’ve tried ALL kinds of extensions and came across your video… went to the beauty supply the same day and I have never been happier! Love my tape-ins and your videos helped so much! Keep up the good work!!

  32. Charlotte H says:

    Hey first off let me say I love how helpful your videos are! Though I do have a couple questions I can’t find the answers to that I’m hoping you can help me with.1. How long does my hair need to be? I am working on growing out a angled bob it’s plenty long in the front but not more than roughly 2 inches in the back right now.2. How do I match my hair up to the extensions? Could I take them in to my hair dresser and have them color mine to match the extension? What’s your personal preference on that?3. If you cut your extensions and reuse them do you have a method of remembering where they came from on your head when you re install them? LOLOh, and last but not least (4.) what kind of hair brush do you use on them? If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it and I can’t wait to purchase and try some of your hair!

  33. Baff Mac says:

    Will be doing this soon as my tape arrive ! Thank you !

  34. Honeybabymarie says:

    Where do you buy the bulk packs I cant find them on ebay

  35. Stacy Maya says:

    Hello! I wanted to ask where you purchase your tape? 🙂 I love your videos!

  36. Mandi Guardiola says:

    im from waco texas and it seems no one knows about tape in extensions!!! im so frustrated im tired of my clip ins and I cant find any good hair!!! and to make things harder I have red hair and I usually have to bleach and dye my extensions red! So what hair do you use mine are not hand sewn and feel bulky.

  37. Sirena De Mar says:

    Is it ok to use Dry Shampoo on extensions of they are real hair??? Thank you for all of your fabulous videos!!!!

  38. Irma Martin says:

    thank you so much for all your great information. I want to star my hair extension business to bout I don’t know to get customers. Any advice???

  39. Courtney Siemens says:

    Can you tell us the website you use to buy your hand-tied wefts? I’ve been doing your method with the 1″ tape in extensions I bought, but would like to try wefts now! Love your method- you have been the most helpful of all videos i’ve watched!! thx!

  40. Lindsay Green says:

    i love it, going home today to try the fold over technique

  41. Lacey Hall says:

    what brand of hair do you use for the hand tied weft?

  42. Yana S. says:

    what’s your nailpolish please? love it.

  43. Matty Lane says:

    hey love your vids! but would be supper cool if you could do a vid on someone with really short hair like a pixie cut with a long bang or even for ppl with a undercut with the tape ins. taaaa xxx

  44. QueenBeeChas says:

    I am Black and I have used your method with track brazilian hair. I love it! It blends well and can handle the louisiana heat and humidity. I have been getting sew ins for years and this is much more cost effective. The tape is about $3 at my BSS store. I put it in myself and removal was the easiest ever after 6 weeks using walker tape removal. I lost no hair and no breakage. Thank you! !

  45. Shannon Givens says:

    Attempting my first tape ins tonight 🙂

  46. Tiffany Hagan says:

    I am just wondering what brand of hand tied hair you are using, I only trust Bohyme right now,but I am up for opinions?

  47. Debbie says:

    I have pretty oily hair and my tape extensions started slipping after 5 weeks and 1 had to be redone but by week 6 I think I had about 5 slip. Any tips? I had been going 2 fulls days before shampooing but week 5 I started every other day but by then I think it was too late.

    Also can I use any type of dry shampoo to help or can I only use a certain kind?

    Thanks for any tips. 🙂

  48. Imani Walters says:

    which one is the best for machine weft?

  49. salondlali says:

    I need to buy 14 or 16 inch hand tied wefts. Were can I purchase . Thanku

  50. Geminelle Ovalles says:

    Hello!!! Thank u so much for all your extremely helpful videos!!! Hair extension is new to me. I just want to ask, would u advise wavy hair extensions? I have straight hair but i really want big curly hair. Im afraid it wont work out or should i go for straight hair and just curl them?! Help! Thanks

  51. SomethinqStrange says:

    sorry but how do you install the weft with this technique? Dont unterstand 🙁

  52. Minecraftlovers1820 says:

    How do you remove these?

  53. Melinda Gonzalez says:

    Can i get remy hair clip ins and cut the clips and use this method

  54. Katarina Glavas says:

    Ive been doing your tape ins for a few months now and i LOVE EM! I just can’t seem to have them last more than 2 – 2.5 weeks…what am i doing wrong? I followed your interactions perfectly. ( I’m doing the old technique with 3/8 walker tape on either side)….help! lol

  55. Katarina Glavas says:

    I meant *instructions…. I just find that they tend to peel off or slip and get really gummy after 2 weeks tops:( please help, thank you love your videos!

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