52 Weeks of Beauty – 2015 Week 5 – UPDATES! Miss Flirty, DuoPro & Extension Release

| March 27, 2015 | 25 Comments
Published on March 27th, 2015

Sorry it’s SO long!  Had a lot to say since it’s been a few weeks!


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🙂 ~Christy

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  1. 52weeksofbeauty says:
  2. Sarah D says:

    Did your hair get thinner because of the weight of the tape in extensions? Although you wear them they look very thin (or is that just because of the length?).

    • Jenny MacDonald says:

      Do you have any class? I was wondering because our mothers usually teach is. Did she and you just never got that memo? Because truly class is what makes a woman pretty.

      Never too late to change…

      • RUTH SANTORI says:

        Obviously YOU never got the memo. Why you felt it was necessary to leave such a comment like that on this site is beyond me. Perhaps you should try donating some time to help others, before pointing fingers & making negative comments. People like you, make me scratch my head in wonder. Why do you waste your time spreading your negativity? My advice – take that energy & use it somewhere else to make the world a better place. If you don’t have something nice to say, please keep your sour comments to yourself. Go back to your momma and ask her to teach you some manners.

  3. Alaura Fonseca says:

    Don’t EVER let the Haters get you down…You are Amazing… You are self-made and you come across are sincere and genuine..All your videos are so helpful…every time I have a problem I watch one of your videos and find the answer I’m looking for..Soooo THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU..!!!!! Love Ya….Penny Baxter

  4. AllThingsMeganRohr says:

    You should make the tape wefts that are like the tabs and used for the sandwich method. They’re like 1.5-2inches wide and they’re awesome! I’d love to get some hair that has some pretty good weight as far as grams go. Mine right now I’m using I have to use 3 and a half packs of 45 gram packs and it’d be nice to buy it all at once

  5. Peta Cooke says:

    Great video! Can’t wait to see what new products you have coming soon. One second application? Permanent? Wow very mysterious and exciting. You are awesome and I think your website is very classy. Keep doing what you are doing because I think a lot of us would be lost without you.

  6. Shelly Neeser says:

    I am super intrigued about the 1 second permanent install!!! So hurry hurry!! 🙂 Love your videos as always girl!

  7. Sandy Coronado says:

    <3 your tips and your energy! I have to try your products :-)

  8. Valerie Cucinotta says:

    Christy, I can’t wait to see what you are coming out with next. You are such a sincerely nice, real, beautiful person and I really value your advice and opinions. Still waiting to hear about that vitamin c/ hyaluronic (sp?!) acid serum! I’m currently a rodan and fields junkie but would love something more economical. OMG and if you made the tape tabs I would be all over it! Can’t wait to hear!

  9. GreekGodessDiva says:

    I love website , and tips. I’m from Canada and travel to China for business . I was curious if you would share yr supplier of hair extensions?

  10. Michele Beltran says:

    Hey girl, please consider doing some ombre colors. Locksandbonds.com have beautiful quality tape ins and colors, but I want to try your seamless wefts and some blonde ombes would be great. Can’t wait for your new products. I have a bob and would love more extension options that blend.

    • Jenny MacDonald says:

      Truth always comes out.. what customer would talk about another product on someones site? I am a customer of Chrsty’s for two years.. I would deal with Christy personally before I deal with any company its so informal and bc she is sincere and the best she didnt take this comment down.. I say anyone who wants to deal with a corp or someone who could have potentially came from there post this here, is a sure sign to me not to go there.. its desperate and just poor image of yourself. I wouldnt trade dealing with a real genuine person like Christy if they were half the price (which theyre quite the opposite fyi) Christy you rock. Your extensions and the relationship with you is PRICELESS! Love you.

  11. Season Hatcher says:

    I just ordered my first set of seamless tape extensions on saturday! Yay! I’m so excited. Do you ever think you’ll offer ombre or balayage colors in the tape ins?

  12. shayxtreme says:

    Awesome..we missed u…. Recently i made my own hand tied tape ins.. With ur tutorials..ur so easy going and i really get u and understand u…u explain things very well thanx

  13. MsStormkitty says:

    Loving my extensions 🙂 You rock Christy.

  14. 13msleo says:

    Can’t wait to see the new products!!

  15. sally rai says:

    Hi Christy, Just have to say love your channel. I just found it and have been watching all of them to gain the best knowledge on hair extentions. I have a question I have super fine & thin hair and nothing seems to be working for me as of yet. I am using Brazilian Human hair extentions. Machine weft & have tried black glue which the track slips out as soon as my hair gets wet. I have also tried braids but loose way to much hair in only a 10 day period. I live in Fl and work out often. My hair & skin is oily. & must wash or rinse my hair daily or every other day. I have to find something that will hold @ least 2 + weeks. Will the tape work? and which one is the strongest for my issues.

  16. Kaem Rain says:

    This probably sounds crazy, but the best lighting I have ever found for product pictures is on an overcast day by a big window with sheer white curtains. Keep the flash off and the light source at the back of the camera (which I’m sure you knew). I haven’t found any artificial lights that can compete with a cloudy day. 🙂

  17. jettylad says:

    Hi Christy, thanks so much for your inspirational video!! We are all so excited about your new products, especially the permanent one! I was wondering if you had a date in mind for the launch of the Duo Pro Pre-Taped Seamless Weft Extensions? I would rather wait a little while and purchase those when they are launched. Thank you again for your awesome video!

  18. Mary Alexander says:

    Love ur hair.

  19. MiaMia Mama says:

    looking forward to “halo” extension tutorial:)

  20. RUTH SANTORI says:

    Christy, thank you for all of your great advice. There will always be those people who have nothing better to do than spread their negativity around. I assume perhaps it makes them feel better about themselves. Whatever the case, just wanted to let you know how much your videos and how-to’s have helped me through this crazy maze of “beauty enhancement products.” I really appreciate all of the time you take to share your wisdom. Keep up the great work! Obviously there’s a lot of us who have benefited from your knowledge, and there will always be those people who “lurk in the shadows” with nothing better to do than criticize, it comes with the territory. Ignore them. Thanks again, we appreciate you!

  21. Starintheblue says:


  22. Regiane Silva says:

    Hi Christy thank you so much for all your videos I love your channel and I keep waiting for every new video. Anyway is it possible to do the fold over technique with this tape? Thank you

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