DIY Tape-In Instructions

First I would suggest ordering these three products:
1. Walker Tape Company No Shine Tape: ½” x 3 Yards, 3/8″ x 3 Yards or ¼” x 6 yards  (3 yards is enough to begin with for a full head install, but 6 yards is good if you want extra! ½” size also comes in 12 yards and 36 yards for a great discounted price.)  They sell it on eBay or Amazon.
2.  Walker Weft Release Remover
3.  Jamaican Dream Glue Remover Shampoo (ohhh how I love this product!)

These items are all pretty affordable.  Should be under about $25-ish for them all.

Now, let’s begin!

Needed: (there more more suggested items for the removal part below as well)
Walker Tape
Flat Iron (preferably one that heats to 450 degrees)
Human Hair Weft/Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions
Rat-Tail Comb
Hair Clips
Hand Held Mirror
A big wall mirror (bathroom vanity, huge floor mirror, etc.)
Heat Protectant
Detangling Spray
Wide Tooth Comb
***Applying them onto clean, dry hair (not super conditioned) is really helpful
***Don’t wash your hair for 24-48 hours after install.  This tip REALLY helps them stay in longer.

Special Note: You can use weft or hand-tied hair for this.  (If using clip-ins, just remove clips and the extra loose thread and the wefts will work perfectly for this).  MAKE SURE you are using human hair.  Remy is best.  Synthetic hair will cause you all sorts of trouble.  You can’t heat synthetic hair at all.

***(You may want to start heating your flat iron now to 450 degrees now)
Decide how wide you would like your weft pieces to be.  Lauren Conrad has hers installed in 1.5” wide pieces all over her head (usually just on the lower ¾ to ½ of her head).  If you have thick hair, you may want to only put these in on the lower half of your head.  1.5” wide pieces will allow more movability and a more natural “flowy look”.  However, 1.5” wide sections would be hard to do yourself.  I would recommend having someone professional put these in for you if you would like this look.
***It is much easier to put them in yourself when the sections are wider (this is how I do it).  I have very thin hair.  I personally put in three rows of double wefted hair (I will explain double wefted in a few).  I start about 1-½ inches up above my ears for the top row.  The second row is at ¾ inch above my ears and the lowest row is even with the middle of my ears.  You certainly can go higher or lower as well.  I just prefer not going much lower than the middle of my ears, so I can still put my hair in a ponytail.  For the top two rows, I leave about a 1” on each side of free hair.  The lowest row in between my ears, I leave about a ½ inch from my ears on both sides.
For the rest of these instructions, I will be explaining the method right above (the one I use).
If the extensions you have are single wefted (look closely at the weft and you can tell if two wefts are tightly sewn together or not) and you prefer a thicker look, you can tape two wefts together before you tape in that row into your hair.  Even if the wefts are double wefted already and you still prefer a thicker look, you can also tape two double wefted pieces together.
Let’s assume you are taping two single (or double wefts) together first, for more thickness.  If not, read right below for tips but skip to step 2 for action.
Start with the lowest row.  Measure the width, by holding the extension weft up to your head.  Cut the extension weft to fit your measurement.  If your pieces are shorter than you would like just use two pieces next to each other separately.
Lay your hair extensions on a clean, hard surface.  Something that tape won’t pick up loose particles (carpet/towels would be NOT a good idea). Open your Walker Tape up.  Walker tape is actually toupee double-sided tape and lasts about 6 weeks.  Pretty cool huh?  I thought so.  J
This tape is super sticky!! Be careful and only touch the corners, so the stickiness doesn’t get less sticky. 😉 Make sure the tape is ¼ inch thick.  This size works best.  Unroll enough tape to exactly measure and fit the extension weft.  Cut tape.  Lay sticky side down on top of first extension weft.  The top of the tape should match exactly to top of extension weft (you do not want tape hanging over top).  Press tape firmly into hair.  Peel white backing off of the double-sided tape.  Do this carefully and slowly, so as not to lift the sticky side off of the weft.  You may have to hold the corner of tape down the whole time as you peel off the backing for this strip.  Now, lay down the other extension weft on top of this sticky tape.  Press firmly.  Now you have your double wefted hair (or quadruple if your was already double wefted and you wanted 4 wefts)!
Now we are going to add another strip of tape to the weft on a side that doesn’t have tape yet.  (You pick the side – it doesn’t matter).  Repeat measuring the tape and cutting it again to fit the width of the extension.  LEAVE WHITE BACKING ON.  Press on the white backing of the tape firmly to help the tape adhere to top of hair extension weft.
Now flip over your extension weft and do the same thing to this side.  Repeat measuring the tape and cutting it again to fit the width of the extension.  LEAVE WHITE BACKING ON.  Press on the white backing of the tape firmly to help the tape adhere to hair.
***This step is the most important step.  If you do not do this, your tape in extensions will not work.
Now you should have a weft that has a long white sticker on each side of the extensions at the top.  Pick up your extensions and take your heated flat iron and QUICKLY (just for a second) and in SECTIONS clamp down on your extensions with your heated flat iron.  Do not drag your flat iron, just clamp and release – in sections.  ONLY do this for a second long.  This is the perfect enough time to melt the tape into your hair weft.
Put extensions down.  Using your rat-tail comb, section off in a perfect straight line the row where you want your first weft to go.  Clip the rest of your hair to the top of your head.
Peel off white backing ON BOTH SIDES of your weft.  Be careful to only touch the corners and peel backing off slowly.
Lay either side of the sticky weft on top of your part of hair…ON your hairline.  A little on your scalp and part of the weft will rest right below your scalp too.
SLOWLY and CAREFULLY while tilting your head back, take your clip out of your hair.  Let all of your hair gently fall on top of sticky side of tape.  Then lightly press on top of where the weft is.  Only a few hairs are really sticking to the tape.  You will still have a lot of free hair available that is not attached to the tape.
Repeat steps 2-8 for the other 2 (or more if you would like) rows.  Like I said, I think it is better to not go too high or too low with these.  You want your natural hair on top/sides/bottom to surround these extensions.  This helps create a more natural look and helps hide these extensions.
Your extensions are now in and secure and beautiful!  I usually curl them into loose beachy waves.  Style as you would like.  If you need to cut them, be careful as to not cut your own hair.  I would have a professional cut them if you can.  WAIT at least 24-48 hours to get your hair wet/shower.  Keep this in mind if you get your extensions cut right away.  Make sure they do not wet your hair before they cut it if you get them cut in the first 24-48 hours.

After the initial 48 hours and on…
You can shower with these in.  Any and all products you use in the shower normally, you can use now too.  As far as products go, treat these extensions like your own hair.  However, when showering, don’t scrub the wefts.  Scrub the parts of your scalp where there are no extensions and gently wash the areas where the wefts are.  I try to wash all of my hair 2-3 times a week.  Sometimes I only wash the top of my hair (if I work out daily or was in the heat that day and my natural hair is a little oily).  After showering, I will spray a detangler and heat protectant on my hair.   Then I will gently use a wide tooth comb  (usually while holding the wefted parts with my fingers) and comb my hair.  A brush is fine too, but a wide tooth comb is better for wet hair and will be gentler on the extensions.  You do not have to hold the extensions, as they are secure…I just like to do this so they stay in longer.  THE MORE GENTLE YOU ARE, THE LONGER THEY WILL LAST.  Do not brush your hair on your scalp over the wefts.  Start brushing just below the weft.
After the first wash and dry, you will love how this hair becomes so blended with your own hair.  It is so pretty how it blends so nicely!!  Sometimes I will use a rat-tail comb and tease right above my extensions and spray with hairspray…just in case – it’s a windy day! 😉
ADVICE if one part loosens:  VERY occasionally, a little ½ inch to 1” part of the weft (usually the sides) will loosen.  IF this happens, it is better to separate/peel your natural hair off that part of the tape and cut it out.  Be very careful to not cut strands of your own hair.   Reapply a small, new section from scratch in its place.
I usually keep my tape hair extensions in for 4-6 weeks.

Walker Weft Release Remover
Hair Clips
Jamaican Dream Glue Remover Shampoo
Apple Cider Vinegar/Baking Soda or a good Clarifying Shampoo
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (recommended – but any deep conditioner will work)
Fine Tooth Comb
A regular conditioner
Let’s Begin:
STEP 1:  Separate the weft you would like to remove from the rest of your hair (& other wefts) with a clip/hair tie.  You can start from the bottom of your head, or the top.  Whichever you prefer is fine.
STEP 2: Use Walker Weft Release Remover and saturate each weft (top and bottom) generously.  Go close to your scalp and all over the taped portion too.  I usually lift up each weft to ensure I reach the bottom portion as well.  Make sure to extra saturate the sides of the weft.  This will help to “lift” them later on.
After about 5-10 seconds, you should be able to start lifting the taped weft off.  Hold your natural hair and wiggle the tape weft extension.  It will start to remove itself from your natural hair.  If it is being stubborn, it is not ready yet and re-apply more weft release.  Be patient and you will have no damage to your natural hair at ALL!
Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and 2 for all remaining wefts.
Step 4: When the wefts are all out, remove the tape as quickly as possible.  It should come off in one piece.  If the tape is still in your hair, carefully remove it out.  If any tape is being difficult, add some Weft Release to the taped area and wait a few seconds and try again.  After the tape is off the wefts…add more Weft Release to the sticky residue areas of the weft and a little Jamaiican Dream Glue Remover Shampoo.  Let it sit while you shower.  Now, add a little extra Weft Release to your natural hair where the wefts were.

Shower Time!
Make sure you have apple cider vinegar by the shower (anything but Braggs – too many loose particles in that one), Jamaican Dream glue remover shampoo, deep conditioner (I like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for this step), a normal conditioner and a rat-tail comb.

Step 1:  Shampoo with Jamaiican Dream Glue Remover Shampoo and Rinse Out
Step 2: Put LOTS of thick conditioner on (I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) and don’t rinse out yet!
Step 3: Use a fine tooth comb and comb out residue (be gentle and go slow!)
Step 4: Rinse Thick Conditioner Out
Step 5: Use a good clarifying shampoo (I use BIG by Lush or a mix of baking soda/apple cider vinegar)
Step 6: Condition like normal
Step 7: Repeat if necessary (if you still feel any stickiness)

An important note: You WILL have some of your natural hair in your comb.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Hardly any of my natural hair falls out when I wear tape in extensions (bc I’m rarely combing right at my scalp), but we all shed hair daily.  Some of the hair you naturally shed over 6-10 weeks, doesn’t fall out because of the tape.  You will now see some of that hair come out.  Don’t panic.  As long as you are gentle and don’t tug and use generous amounts of remover and glue remover shampoo, the hair you are shedding is minimal and to be expected.
After the shower, use some hand soap on the wefts (I use BBW foam soap) and lather up the wefted extensions where you put remover on and Jamaiican Dream.  Clean off, rinse.  If there is any residue left on weft, try combing out with a fine tooth comb.
If it is still very sticky (which is rare), you can soak the wefts in the actual Weft Release solution.  Just fill up a Dixie Cup 1/4 “ full and soak for 1-5 hours.  Rinse with soap.  ***If you are re-using these – the little bit of stickiness left on the weft is actually HELPFUL for your next installation as the stickiness will help the new tape adhere even better!

Dry your extensions, and style.  Then…start all over and add the tape back on and follow the steps in my DIY Tape in Hair Extension Video.

This seems like a lot of steps, but after the first time, the other times will be a breeze!  It really is super fast and easy to do yourself at home.  The whole removal process takes me no more than an hour from start to finish!

Hope this helps!!
Message me with any questions:

Happy Taping and Happy Removing!!