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Frizzy hair is one of the most common problems that women have to deal with for their hair. Unfortunately, for some women it’s caused by weather or genetics. In most cases frizzy hair is due to over heating or the use of too much product, which dries out the hair causing it to become brittle and easily breakable. Many women get to the point where their hair is so dry and frizzy they feel it’s impossible to restore the health and beauty of their hair, where as others choose to go to a salon and spend a ton of money to hair their beauty restored.


Well neither way is the answer. Eliminating frizz and restoring beauty to your hair can be done in the comfort of your own home and for relatively cheaper prices than a salon would charge you. Plus they are all natural so you know the ingredients that you’re putting on your hair. Store bought or salon products for frizz contain chemical ingredients that don’t work very well and can leave your hair worse off than it already was. So the next time you notice a frizz decide to do something about it before you leave your home.

1. Mayonnaise – One of America’s most beloved condiments is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to reduce frizz and condition your hair. Because mayonnaise contains a ton of fatty acids it actually repairs damaged hair and conditions the entire hair shaft. Apply a good amount of mayonnaise to your hair and scalp and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash it out with cool water to close the cuticle leaving conditioning and moisturizing ingredients within the hair.

2 Olive oil – Olive oil along with other fatty acid oils such as safflower, coconut and castor oil can be used to reduce frizz and add shine to your locks. By using these oils on your hair you will have healthier, stronger hair. Massage your scalp and coat your hair with one of these natural oils, then wash with regular shampoo and conditioner. They can also be used on the fly in between washes for frizzies and fly-aways. Apply a few drops of oil into your hand and run your hand throughout your hair from scalp to end.

3. Egg – Eggs are filled with protein that will do wonders for damaged hair. Whip and egg, both yolk and white, together. Add a tablespoon of water and continue to whip until it becomes foamy and frothy. Apply mixture to wet hair and massage gently. Leave it on the hair for 20 minutes and wash with a good shampoo.

4. Banana & Avocado – Bananas are filled with antioxidants and minerals. Avocados contain good fatty acids. When you mix and mash over ripe bananas and avocados you create a paste to reduce frizzy, dry hair. Massage this paste into your hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash out.

5 Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar are both acceptable to be used to reduce frizzy hair. Vinegar smooths out the cuticles, which reduces frizz and creates a better pH balance for your hair. White vinegar can be combed through your hair, then condition as normal. Rinse with cold water. Or apple cider vinegar can be combined equally with water and applied after a shampoo and condition, then rinsed.


6. Honey – Honey is a natural humectant. It attracts and holds water molecules to create moisture. Combine 1 tablespoon of honey in 1 quart of water. Pour over freshly shampooed, wet hair. Condition normally and rinse with cool water to hold the moisture in your hair.

7. Beer – Although, most people wouldn’t waste beer this way, but you can rinse dry frizzy hair with beer. Or you can simple spray beer onto your hair with a spray bottle. Either way your hair will be less frizzy and shiny.

Carbonated water – After washing your hair normally, rinse your hair with carbonated or sparkling water. It reduces frizz because of its low pH levels, which bring your hair back to an acceptable pH. Give your hair a cool treat. Once you’re done washing your hair, rinse it with cold water. Try to utilize water in generous amounts so that your hair gets a good rinse. Utilizing cold water aids lock the moisture in the hair and helps settle the frizz. Make sure that you do not go for ice cold water as tremendously cold water too may harm the appearance of your hair.

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  1. Getting a stray hair and coarse locks with the help of hair care products specifically targeted at frizzy hair is almost impossible. So, I will follow your recommendations.

  2. The author has studied a lot of essential things about hair extensions style and its beauty. This post contains a lot of methods to do something with your hair before you leave your home.

  3. Thanks so much for the recommendation to rinse hair with special carbonated or sparkling water. How should we protect our hair from loss?

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